My name is Joel Workman, but that doesn’t really tell you who I am. 

I am from the U.S. but I’ve lived in two other countries at different points of my life. That also doesn’t tell you much about me.

Over the years I’ve held many jobs, filled many roles, worn many hats. None of these would tell you who I am either so I won’t list them here.

I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world and have four amazing kids who are growing smarter and better looking than me everyday. That simply tells you I am blessed.

The things I’ve written here are glimpses into who I am and who I am becoming. They are reflectons of my journey following Jesus. If figuring out who I am is of interest to you, reading my thoughts and daily sharings will get you started. Feel free to question, comment or challenge what you find written here. I am still learning and becoming and I welcome the things you’ve learned; the perspective you bring.



If you have a specific question, a private comment, or something else, feel free toemail me.