with us and working

Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

So we can confidently say, “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?”

Hebrews 13:5-6


My writing has taken a turn for the infrequent and rare. It’s not intentional, not desired; it’s just what has happened. I guess with the blessing of four children and a wonderful wife, followed by the responsibilities of a full-time job, accompanied by the privilege of helping pastor a community of believers, rounded out by an investment in getting an education in Biblical counseling something was bound to fall by the wayside. I don’t hope for it to remain this way. I don’t intend for it to continue being a rare occurrence that I write. It simply was lost in the shuffle of busyness. I want to see if that’s something I can rectify because it’s good for my soul to process the words God has given us.


The ease with which writing got lost amongst the busy life I live reminded me of just how easily we lose what we cherish, even what we need. We lose what we know to be true. Consider the words at the beginning of this post; the words from the writer of Hebrews. His reminder: God is with us. God is working.


He first calls us to be content; to not become consumed with greed and want and the slavery of materialism. The fuel for this battle against the consuming fire of consumerism? God will never leave us.


God is always with us.

How many days do we run through—head down and determined—seeking to get to the goal, searching for the prize that’s caught our eye, and forget that God goes with us? Not forgetting in theory, not forgetting if someone asked if we believed God was with us, but literally forgetting to engage the presence of God. Forgetting to speak to him, to rely on him, to listen for him? How many days do we actively not remember the presence of Jesus walking through our day with us?

The writer continues by reminding us that the Lord is our helper, so why should we fear the attacks of people. Why do we put so much weight in the opinions of others? Why do we spend so much energy seeking approval from those we share life with? Or those we don’t share life with? Why do we obsess over appearance and perception and image? Because we forget that God is for us and God is working.


The Lord is my helper. If only I could remember that.


Life is inherently busy. We fill up our time with stuff and with things. Just as we tend to fill up the empty space in our homes with junk we don’t need, we tend to fill up our schedules with places to go and people to see; shows to watch and goals to accomplish. We feel over-busy and under-rested. And in the fast paced moving of day in and day out we so easily forget him.


We can spend a few moments in the morning, or at meals, or in the evening, or at whatever time we find that works, and in those moments we can remember God. Engage him and listen to him. But what about the rest of our days? What about the times of going and doing and being? Do we remember him? Do we speak with Him? Do we listen to his whisperings?


God is with us. God is working.


Can you imagine the impact on our lives if we lived every moment believing this? Living in response to this? Can you imagine the different trajectory your life would take? The impact on your daily decisions and attitudes of the heart if this simple piece of gospel truth permeated to the all aspects and all moments of the day?


We would live wholly differently. We would be wholly different if we could just be captured by the radical truth of a God literally present and actively working. It’s not a theory, and it’s not abstract.


God is with us. Literally. Now. And he isn’t going anywhere but wherever we go. Wherever we are. He is there before us and will be there with us. And he isn’t just there. He isn’t just sitting, just watching, just disappointed, or just keeping tabs on us. He is working. He is moving. He is being the God of the universe who gave himself to save us.


God is with us. God is working.



2 thoughts on “with us and working

  1. Nice post as always 🙂
    Don’t worry about your writing being infrequent, before you can take care of us you need to take care of yourself 🙂

  2. We’re so blessed in todays world. We believe we’re so much better off than man in centuries past, but I feel with all of our modern conviences, we have less time to meditate on God’s Word and His ways. Keep your head up and keep up the good works…

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