The people who walk in darkness
will see a great light.
For those who live in a land of deep darkness,
a light will shine.    

                                    Isaiah 9:2


The light has come. That’s what I’m remembering today.


The celebration of Jesus’ birth and the joys of anticipating his coming was such a good time of reflection and gratitude. December brought a time to recognize what God did in sending his Son. It was a time to celebrate his gift to us. But all the anticipation and warmth of the season, all the traditions and familiarities can leave us feeling a little hollow come January.


In December it was snowy and wintery and Christmas-like. Now it’s just bitter cold and dark and far from the green of spring. So I need to remember – the Light has come. Jesus has come. Not only did he appear, born of a virgin; but he came, he lived, he brought the Light. He died and he rose again.


The light has come. We no longer need to walk in darkness. Salvation is here. Jesus has come!


Maybe some of the hollowness comes from the fact that while Jesus has come, the anticipation of waiting to celebrate his birth brought into clear focus that we are still waiting for his return. Yes, he did come; yes, he did bring light to our darkness, yet all is not complete. All is not fulfilled. We are still waiting.


But now we are waiting with Light. We are no longer the people of deep darkness, we are the people of the Light.


He is here, he is with us, he is our Light.


And I need to remember that. The winter ahead is still long, and it promises to still be cold. But I am not simply waiting for spring. I’m not merely waiting for temperature changes or color to return to the land. I’m not longing for short sleeves or bare feet. In truth, my long goes far deeper. My longing is for the final waiting to end. My missing isn’t for summer and sun, but for final restoration and the making all things new that is still to come.


And I wait with Light. Light to bring hope, light to give life. Light to be my joy and my salvation. Jesus has come and he is here.


The one who is the true light, who gives light to everyone, was coming into the world.       John 1:9



4 thoughts on “light

  1. Thanks guys. I took an unintended break over the holidays. It turned out to be a good gift for me, but I’m writing again. (I wouldn’t just quit without telling you all!)

    Thanks for the kind words and the interest. Hope you both had a good Christmas celebration and fun New Years.

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