advent day 24 – waiting

Can you imagine it? Waiting for years—never leaving this place of worship. Always looking. Always waiting.


Would today be the day?

Would he come this afternoon?

How will I know when it is him?

Will he come?




Simeon and Anna—they show great faithfulness. They inspire us with patience that has no regard for impressions or reputation or conventional wisdom. They wait because they believe. They know that God will come—that he has promised to come. And they will not be found elsewhere. They will not miss him.


They seek him and set all else aside so they might find him.


As we come closer to the day of celebration; as we anticipate the birthday of our Savior we know that world picks up its pace. Lists of to-do’s are getting longer, schedules are getting fuller, demands are growing louder. Will we make room to wait? Will we be caught running and doing and fretting? Or will we be found waiting? Looking? Ready for the day of celebration.


This week we celebrate the coming of God With Us. Don’t miss it for all the busyness that offers to sweep you away. Be still and know that God is God—and that God is here.


Day Twenty-Four Reading: Luke 2:22-38


As you read about Simeon and Anna consider their examples. What kind of prominence do you give in your own life to opportunities to proclaim Christ?


What would it look like for you to “wait” for Christ to be revealed so that you may proclaim him?


Prayer—Father may we be attentive and watchful for you each day, that we might draw others attention to you.



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