advent day 23 – proclaiming him

Week Four – Proclaiming            


Romans 10:14-15 reminds us that for people to believe in Christ they must hear, and for them to hear we must proclaim him. “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach good news!”


Celebrating the coming of Christ isn’t just something we do privately, or with other believers, but also is a celebration that opens up opportunities for us to share with the world the good news of God’s salvation. May our anticipation of the birth of Christ bring us to a point of deep desire to share him with the broken and sinful world. May we live this season of the year in light of the truth that we have indeed been given good news of great joy!



Day Twenty-Three Reading: Luke 2:8-21


Based on your own encounters with Christ what do you have to proclaim regarding what you have seen and heard?


How can you convey the coming of Jesus as “good news of great joy” as you celebrate advent this week?


Prayer—Lord, give us boldness to share what we see and hear from you. May we celebrate the good news of great joy that is the coming of Jesus.



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