advent day 22 – gifts of worship

These men are mysterious. Were they kings? Were they simply wise men from another place? Were they men of faith? Did they truly understand the significance of this child they sought to honor? Whatever became of them after this encounter? Scholars debate and we wonder.


Shouldn’t our wonder be over the depth of their sacrifice to worship? Shouldn’t we be inspired by their pursuit of the Messiah with gifts to bear? Should all they gave up, all they endured, all they experienced as inconvenience just so they might bow at his feet draw our hearts towards genuine worship?


Often our worship is done in convenient times and convenient places. Too often we can find ourselves distracted as we approach and only partially engaged as we bow—if we even dare to bow. Our backs are tired, after all. And bowing…well, that’s just not something we are comfortable with.


This story of Jesus’ birth reveals shepherds of lowly station who were elevated and deemed worthy of an audience with the child-King. And it reveals these mysterious men of high rank and wealth lowering themselves, inconveniencing themselves for just a chance to adore and worship this God-with-us child come to save us.


How will we worship this coming week? Will we seek to give gifts of praise and humble posture? Will we seek out an audience with the child-King? May today’s reading of the wisest of men—men covering great distance and much that was unknown—inspire us to be wise as well. Wise enough to seek out the Savior and bow in worship.


Day Twenty-Two Reading: Matthew 2:1-12


The Wise Men left all behind in search of the Messiah so that they might worship him. Do you find evidence of sacrifice in your own attempts to worship, or is worship simply an act of convenience for you?


What gifts do you bring as you seek Jesus this week?


Prayer—Father, may we worship you with our whole lives and in sacrifice, not just in convenience.



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