advent day 18 – mercy

He shows mercy from generation to generation to all who fear him.


Mercy. That’s what Christmas celebrates. Mercy on unprecedented levels. Mercy given on proportions unrivaled from the beginning of time until now. For God to give his own. For God to give himself. This is what we celebrate. This is why we give gifts. We give to remember what we’ve been given. We give to stir up the joy that comes from receiving and to remind ourselves of what we have received in Christ.


Mary sings of it. The angels bear witness to it. Jesus is the mercy sent from heaven. Unmerited gifts are the theme of the season because Jesus is the gift we’ve been offered. Do not simply read my words and move on. Take time today to let the words of Mary’s singing settle on your soul. Celebrate the mercy of the season!



Day Eighteen Reading: Luke 1:39-56


Consider Mary’s words, not just as an example of her belief, but also as a statement of worship. What does she say about God?


Mary comes to Elisabeth to worship the blessing of Jesus coming to the world through her. What does this say about the importance of gathering together for worship?


Prayer—Father we praise you for the display of your mercy and strength that we see in the gift of Jesus.



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