advent day 17 – the child-King

As we find ourselves preparing for the entrance of Jesus into the world and as we look to celebrate the epic nature of such a gift. (For God to give his only Son to a world that does not love him well or follow him faithfully—this is a true display of love!) As we look to this we can and should find ourselves thinking in terms of the Baby. This helpless, dependant, child with such a quiet and humble entrance; what a start for the Savior of all humanity! But even as we think in these terms, let us not forget the supremacy of the unassuming child-King. He is first, preeminent, and supreme over all creation—his creation. He has come to save, to defeat death, to bring life, to forgive sin and triumph over its paltry attempts at power.


This is the God With Us we worship. The baby born in a manger; born to rule and save and resurrect. There is none like him.



Day Seventeen Reading: Hebrews 1


Do you find yourself making a distinction between praising God for being supreme and thanking him for doing good things in your life?


Why is it important to recognize the supremacy of Christ apart from the things he does?


Prayer—May we hear the words you have spoken to us by your Son.



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