advent day 16 – the gift of obeying

Joseph. A man among men if ever there was one. To be so obedient. To play the fool in the eyes of the world. To treat your wife as pure and faithful while the world looks on her with suspicion and assumption.


No one saw what Joseph saw. No one heard the words of assurance the angel gave him. They were words for him, and he accepted, and he obeyed. If ever we could consider obedience as a gift to God—as an act of worship—surely this Joseph makes the case for us.


To love God so fully as to take on ridicule. I can almost hear the talk around town: What a fool to accept her ridiculous story! To love God so completely as to trust him and the words of his messenger. Conceived of the Holy Spirit? Seriously?! To obey God with such public and private consistency. This is love for the Father. This is worship of God: to obey, and in obeying to lift God up while watching your own reputation take a nose dive.


May we be so worshipful this season as we celebrate the God who is with us.


Day Sixteen Reading: Matthew 1:18-25


The advent season is a celebration of God with us. How does your worship reflect God with us and not a God far off?


Have you considered how obedience can itself be an act of worship? What might this look like in your current circumstances?


Prayer—Father, may we learn to worship you as the God who is with us. Thank you for not being far off.



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