advent day 15 – worshipping

Week Three – Worshipping


As we hear and believe the gospel of Jesus it is the only right response to bow in worship to God for this gift. As we seek to anticipate the coming celebration of Jesus birth we want to learn to worship well—with truth and sincerity. We want to respond to the amazing ways in which God accomplishes the gift of dwelling among us in Christ.


So this week we come alongside the wise traveler’s who come from far away, we join the dirty shepherds forgotten by the world around them, we kneel with those who’ve gone before us and many who will come after us in worshipping the gift. Jesus our Messiah.



Day Fifteen Reading: Psalm 95


We are called to worship the Lord. What does it look like to join wise men and shepherds, a poor young husband and wife, and centuries of believers since then as we come to worship Jesus, the Messiah?


How will you engage the Lord in worship this week as the celebration of Jesus birth draws nearer?


Prayer—Lord, we come before you to kneel and worship. May our hearts be softened by this time of year and the coming of your Son.



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