advent day 13 and 14

Once again, the weekend seemed to slip away from me and I failed to send out the readings for days thirteen and fourteen. My humble apologies. I am sending these out now in case you are not yet to these day’s readings or would like to review them in spite of the fact that you were ready for them for the last two days.


To all who are taking this journey through advent with me: thank you. Seeking to be ready for the day of celebration—the day when Christ first entered the world as a tiny baby—is a large commitment. I am grateful to take this journey with you.


Here are the weekend’s readings. Later today I will send out today’s reading. We are starting a new week today. Worshipping. We have traveled through hearing the good news, to believing it. Now we seek to worship the King come as child. But first, take a few moments to consider these readings on believing.


Day Thirteen Reading: John 1:1-18


What does this passage have to say about believing in Jesus?


Consider this phrase: “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” In light of the coming celebration of Jesus’ birth, how does this truth impact your prayers?


Prayer—Father we thank you for the grace upon grace that we receive from Jesus. Teach us to live in the truth of Jesus dwelling among us and in us.



Day Fourteen Reading: Luke 2:1-7


As you anticipate the celebration of Jesus’ birth take some time to consider the depth of God’s love for you in sending his Son. Consider the very real people, real places and real time of this birth.


Prayer—Father, give us great appreciation for your gift of Jesus and make real for us this birth, which leads to resurrection and life.



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