advent day 10 – believing and being

Could I be so full of faith? Could I believe so completely and with such little understanding about the hows and whys of it all? Don’t I typically demand more detail? Don’t I usually wait to see how it starts to play out before I embrace full trust in the amazing working of God?


Mary puts her faith—her trust in God—to action and gets moving. She goes to see and celebrate with Elizabeth. Elizabeth puts her trust to words and proclaims (before even knowing if Mary believes it) that Mary is carrying the Lord. These women waited and looked forward to the coming of Jesus, and they believed. Wholehearted, unquestioning belief. They wait with hearts already convinced.


This is how we should wait. This is where our hearts should be. This is how we should live. Convinced, trusting, assured of God’s good word. Knowing that he will do what he promises to do.


For he made this promise to our ancestors, to Abraham and his children forever.


Day Ten Reading: Luke 1:39-56


Mary believed what was spoken to her from God and so goes to share this time of anticipation with Elizabeth. In what ways do you find your own belief in God’s word becoming action in your life?


Consider the words of Mary’s celebration. In what ways do those words speak to you today?


Prayer—Father, grant us the courage to believe you fully and act on that belief.



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