advent day 9 – waiting and waiting

We wait just like God’s people before us. We wait, wanting and anticipating the day. We wait, looking and hoping and longing for his coming.


Sometimes God is silent. Times when we need to look back; need to remember the words already said. For whatever reason, in these times God gives no new words. So we need to remember the promises given, the hope guaranteed. Because sometimes God is silent, just as he was for hundreds of years after giving Malachi words.


Silent. The people left wondering and waiting.


And so we wait. Looking forward and wanting the day to be now. Wanting Jesus to be here. We wait to celebrate that he has come and in the meantime are reminded that again we wait for his coming; the final and restoring arrival. We celebrate and we wait still.


As we wait for to worship the gift of his coming so many years ago, may we have hearts stirred by those who waited in years of silence, wondering when the blessed Messiah would come. And may we learn from them, learn to wait well for his return even as we revel in his first arrival.



Day Nine Reading: Malachi 4:1-6


These are the final words God speaks before 400 years of silence. When God speaks again he speaks of the birth of Jesus. He speaks of the Sun of Righteousness coming with healing in his wings. How have you experienced Jesus’ healing in your own life?


Consider the differences in your own life between when God is speaking and acting and when it feels that he is silent. Do you believe differently in these times?


Prayer—Father, you have shown yourself to be true, that when you say you are coming, you indeed are coming. Help us to remember that when it feels that you have fallen silent. Help us to believe and trust in you.



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