advent day 2 – hearing the impossible

Nothing is impossible with God. That is the theme of this season; that is the crux of our celebration. The impossible done. Not the impossible made possible, but the impossible made certain. The impossible accomplished.


“How can this be?” That’s Mary’s question. And I think she’s thinking logistics; thinking biology. How could this happen to a virgin? Today, as we anticipate the coming of Jesus we can echo these words, but with a different perspective.


How can this be? How can God send his Son? How can he love us this much?


Nothing is impossible with God. Nothing—including love that is boundless enough to sacrifice so much; to send so great a gift. We wait for the coming of Jesus and we hear the angels message to Mary, “The baby to be born will be holy, and he will be called the Son of God…nothing is impossible with God.”


May we hear the impossible story of love this day.


 Day Two Reading: Luke 1:26-38


Just as Zechariah asked questions at hearing the angel’s message so now does Mary. Yet the responses they received are different. Why do you think Zechariah had his voice taken away and Mary is simply given an explanation?


What certainty or assurance does the angel Gabriel offer to Mary as she hears this good news?


What is significant to you about Mary’s response to hearing all this news?


Prayer—Father, prepare my heart to hear and rightly receive the truth of your Son each day. May I have a heart bent towards your will and glory.



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