come to you

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.   John 14:18


In your pain of past disappointment,

and the bitterness of the unfulfilled.

In your worry for tomorrow,

or your fear of failures yet to come.

I will come to you. 

With your open wounds and burdens stacked high;

with your secrets kept in the darkest places.

With your pride that won’t let you bend low

or raise others too high;

Still I will come to you. 

Though you curse me, lie to me, doubt me,

when you misrepresent me or turn your back;

If you spit on me, mock me, call me liar;

when you do these things and more,

I will always come to you. 

When you declare your freedom, stomp your foot, demand your way;

while you hate, hold against, despise and envy.

As you worship others, your self, your stuff;

when you find that dark despair where nothing and no one can come to your aid

I will come to you.

You are my children, I will not leave you.

But you are my children, so I will not force you.

I will love you longest, I will love you best.

Will you receive my love, when I come to you?


2 thoughts on “come to you

  1. This is so needed in my life–thank you so much. Using this format is especially effective–different from the norm. I am touched by the depth & it has really spoken to my heart.
    Thank you.

    • I’m glad it has spoken to you. This one simple verse was really speaking to me this week and I guess just called for a different apporach from my typical format of writing.

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