consider this: when God hides

The weekend offers a little extra time to consider, to perhaps dive a bit deeper into the Scriptures. Things can slow down a bit and offer opportunity to think. So here is a topic and several scriptures to consider.



15 Truly you are a God who hides himself,  O God and Savior of Israel.                 Isaiah 45:15



Why would God hide himself from us? If God is actually interested in relationship as the Bible proclaims then why does he hide?


More verses to consider:

7 No one calls on your name 
       or strives to lay hold of you;
       for you have hidden your face from us
       and made us waste away because of our sins.      Isaiah 64:7


 1 Why, O LORD, do you stand far off?
       Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?        Psalm 10:1


 44 You have covered yourself with a cloud
       so that no prayer can get through.                 Lamentations 3:44

(Also see Isaiah 59:2; Psalm 13:1-2, 44:24, 88:14, 89:46, 102:1-2)

So here are the questions:

Why does God hide?  


Are we just misreading these verses or does God actually hide himself from us?


What’s the point of being hidden after inviting us to come near to him?


Please share your thoughts, ideas and questions.


7 thoughts on “consider this: when God hides

  1. I don’t believe God hides from us. God is person who does not force himself on someone else. If one feels that God is hiding is because one is not spending time with God, one is doing something he or she is not suppose to be doing. Maybe one just have to believe that God is always there no matter what. One just have to wait for the respond no matter how long it takes. God is always faithful no matter what.

  2. These clearly refer to Gods judgement or Gods seemingly lack of response to tribulation. So it may be better translated…God don’t leave us to our mistakes…

  3. Its true…if you don’t have a strong faith or belief in the LORD, then of course, it will seem that GOD is hiding from us. But in reality GOD is with us every step of the way, he is always on time, just have faith.

  4. Really good comments here. I agree with what Norma points out that sometimes the issue isn’t so much God as it is us. We have chosen behavior that has caused separation from us and God. It’s not so much God hiding as it is us pushing him away (if I’m understanding you right, Norma).

    gabe c., great point about God always being with us everystep of the way. I think that points to a very important concept that shouldn’t be missed: If God is ever hidden from us that is not the same as Him being absent.

    rob, it sounds like you are saying that if God seems hidden it’s more our perception than reality (his timing to answer us in tribulation) or it’s because of judgment. I agree totally that sometimes it is because of judgement (check out Deuteronomy 32:20).

    But here’s my question for all of you: Is there ever a reason God would hide himself or his ways from us intentionally and not because of judgment? Are there examples of this in Scripture? Does Proverbs 25:2 suggest that God does “conceal” himself at times for our good, or does it mean something else?

    Ok, sorry that’s three questions! I look forward to your thoughts.

  5. I have a question brothers and sistera…I have been struggling out here since I lost my job 3 yrs ago. I have faith and I believe that GOD will help and get me through these tough time, but what do I do in the mean time. I’m a new christian, I don’t have a home church, all I have is my bible and my belief. What else do I need to get me through these time? Do any of my brothers and sisters have any helps for me?

    • gabe, first let me say that I am sorry to hear of your struggles with finding work. I will definitely be praying that God will guide you and provide for you through this time.

      Here are a couple of things I would say regarding your questions.

      First, you need a home church community to connect with. Following Jesus is intended to be experienced within the context of community. Everywhere we turn in the Scriptures we can see our faith being expressed through the lens of relationship with God and with his people. It’s so important. That will help you find strength and support and wisdom through this and future struggles.

      Having said that, let me acknowledge that finding a home church can be very, very difficult. Finding anew church home can be discouraging at times…to say the least, I encourage you to stay committed to not relenting until you find the place God has for you to belong.

      That’s the other thing. The Apostle Paul makes it clear in his writings (particularly 1 Corinthians 12)that every person has a place and purpose within the body of believers. So I implore you to seek out a home church.

      In addition to that I would invite you, if you haven’t yet (and you very well may have been doing this) to begin asking yourself, “What is God trying to show me, or say to me, in this?” I’ve found in my own life that difficult times often come with something God is trying to get my attention about, something He wants me to understand. And it usually requires me to open up to him and ask, “What is it you’re saying here?”

      Like I said, you may be doing that already and I hope you don’t take my reply here as a statement that I have it all figured out. I certainly do not! but if we were sitting in the same room talking through this, these are the things I woudl start with.

      So I guess the short answer to your question, “What else do I need to get me through these tough times?” is prayer from your fellow believers, support of a believing family (the church), and just a willingness to ask the tough questions of God: what should I be learning/hearing/understanding from this.

      Sorry for the long-windedness! I hope these thoughts are in any way helpful. I will be praying.

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